Anniversary sale! 50% off FlashBooth 2.0 + our tripod worth $30 for free!

FlashBooth™ Tripod
FlashBooth™ Tripod

FlashBooth™ Tripod

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Are you sick of balancing your camera on a pile of books?

Now you can frame your product perfectly with this 39 inch (100 cm) extendable tripod. Ensure crystal clear images every time with your camera or smartphone.

With 360 degrees of movability and a Bluetooth remote control, this tripod really allows you to make the most of your FlashBooth! For a limited time only, you can claim your tripod for 50% off, at just €19.95 with FREE worldwide shipping! Act now or see blurry pictures later…  

✔️ Capture your product perfectly

✔️ Experiment more easily with angles 

✔️ Enjoy greater control with a Bluetooth remote control